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Adesio - Smart Supply Manager
for Electronic Components Procurement

Adesio® Smart Supply Manager is an advanced multi-supplier order management system designed to meet the demands of the modern market. Tailored for electronic component buyers, procurement specialists, and other stakeholders requiring comprehensive tracking capabilities, it ensures efficient management of the procurement process.
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Real-time data

Adesio® Smart Supply Manager interrogates the databases of component suppliers and manufacturers in real time, enabling you to make fast, informed decisions.

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Secure Platform

We place security at the heart of our architecture. All our WEB and API services are constantly monitored. Entry points comply with OWASP principles, and we are committed to a rigorous confidentiality policy.

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Increased productivity

Adesio Smart Supply Manager reinvents e-procurement efficiency. By automating tedious tasks, it promotes rapid decision-making and alerts you instantly to changes, optimizing responsiveness.

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No Integration Costs

We handle the integration of every supplier and distributor API directly, giving you a connection at no extra cost.

Adesio® Smart Supply Manager

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Purchase Dashboard

Adesio® provides you with real-time updated dashboards through supplier APIs to better track your activity. For example, you can check supplier outstanding balances, delivery forecasts, as well as an analysis of post-validation incidents (delays, cancellations)..
icone multi-supplier backlog

Multi-Supplier Backlog

Adesio® updates and standardizes supplier backlogs to provide you with a single source of data and clear visibility on the lines that have evolved.
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Multi-Supplier Catalog Matching

Adesio® aggregates catalogue data from different suppliers and performs automatic matching to match this data with your product references, giving you direct access to the right information. The data from different suppliers is displayed on a single screen to enable you to make decisions more quickly.
icone BOM & basket checking

BOM & Basket Checking

Before submitting a list of orders or a BOM, you can perform a data check (reference number, minimum order quantity, price, availability, etc.) on a selection of suppliers to better construct your orders in Adesio®
icone order validation & direct order

Order Validation & Direct Order

Adesio® allows you to pre-validate an order by checking the data against the suppliers' catalog bases (reference control, minimum order, price, availability) and to transmit this order to the suppliers via API.
icone event notifications

Event Notifications

Smart Event module analyzes Backlog and Catalog data, providing real-time info via WebApp, email, or Slack. Receive reports on delayed lines, back in stock products, and supplier sheet changes for critical BOMs. Stay informed and act promptly.

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Unlock Maximum Potential with Seamless Integrations.

Adesio® Smart Supply Manager offers seamless integration with APIs from leading suppliers and manufacturers of electronic components, enabling you to efficiently automate your tasks and focus on your priorities, all without the integration costs.

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